Q: Is my baby the right age for any ongoing studies?
A: Our current lab-based study is looking for babies under 20 months. Contact us at if you want to take part or hear more!
You can also send us your details here with any questions or with your details so that we can contact you for future planned projects.

Q: How long does a lab visit take?
A: A lab visit timing can vary depending on the study, our current lab-based study for infants up to 20 months old usually lasts approximately 2 hours, allowing time to ask questions and take breaks.

Q: What if my child gets tired during a visit?
A: We are very flexible here at the Babylab as we know that sometimes your child will get sleepy or hungry or is maybe just teething/feeling under the weather. It is very normal for kids not to finish the session! We can finish up at any time or take breaks so that your little one can have a snack/nap and we can get you a coffee!

Q: Will I ever be separated from my child if I visit the Babylab?
A: You will be with your child at all times. For example, in our current study, the behavioural task involves interacting with a research psychologist on a play mat while you observe, while for the eye-tracking and EEG tasks they will either sit on your lap or in a babychair.

Q: Can I bring my other children who are not taking part in any research?
A: Absolutely! There are plenty of toys and entertainment and our team will be happy to entertain your other children with games and colouring books.

Q: Where can I park in UCD?
A: Parking in UCD until September 10th is free, except for the premium spots (marked yellow). Download a map of UCD here. 

Q: How do I get to the Babylab once I’ve arrived at UCD?
A: The Babylab is located in room E108 of the Psychology Department on the first floor of the Newman (Arts) Building on UCD campus. It is the building between the James Joyce Library and the UCD Restaurant. We know that the UCD campus can be tricky to navigate, so scheduled participants will be greeted by a Babylab team member at a previously agreed upon location in UCD (eg car park) and escorted to the lab.

Q: How do I sign up/schedule a visit?
A: If you are interested in participating in any of our studies with your baby, please click here to enter your details.
Or phone us at 017168410 (leave a message) or email us at if you are interested or have further questions about the study.

Q: Will my child be diagnostically assessed in any Babylab research?
A: No. Our studies do not assess or evaluate individual children’s progress so we cannot provide you with any feedback on your child’s development. Research gathered from your baby is combined with with data from other babies to enable us to investigate general developmental processes.

Q: Will I find out the results of the research?
A: We will notify our followers on our social media pages when results are published in academic journals or shared at conferences.

Q: Can you let me know how my child performed?
A: We don’t diagnose children with any of the research tests that we use but we are delighted to show you what your child’s data looks like. For example, we can show you what their sleep pattern data looks like, what their eye gaze output looks like, or what their brain wave data looks like during or after the session (we find this very interesting so we are more than happy to explain what we are looking at if you do!). We can also explain what cognitive skills our behavioural measures are tapping into as we go along.

Q: Are there baby-changing facilities close by?
A: Yes – just ask!

Q: Do we receive anything for visiting the lab?
A: On visiting the UCD Baby Brains Lab for any of our research studies, your baby (and any siblings that join us) will receive a Babylab Scientist Certificate! Additionally, you will also receive a small thank you token for participation on the day.

Q: What if my child is ill on the day or we change our mind after we have scheduled a visit?
A: That is no problem-just get in contact to let us know!

Q: I have other questions, who do I ask?
A: Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook or at and we will be happy to answer any and all other questions that may arise…